Saturday, March 25, 2017

and if ever you should feel like giving up

"Bend Not Break" - sanctus real

Time will tell if we really have what it takes
This life can crush us underneath its weight
When the river rushes over your feet
When the bulls are running through your streets

Oh, on the front line you're gonna feel the bullets, gonna feel the heat
And when the battles that you fight call you to turn the other cheek
When the fire at your back burns bright
And when the mountains up ahead are so high

You don't have to run from the fears behind you
Turn around and I'll stand beside you
Take my hand and remember
We may bend but will not break
Steel your heart and lift your head
'Cause we have love and faithfulness

And if ever you should feel like giving up
Remember that God is with us
And if ever you should fear you may lose
Remember that you don't have to run

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