Thursday, February 2, 2017

dont mess with the _____

i learnt this VERY VERY impt lesson ytd during my resus shift

inspired to do better. one of my old bosses told us back when i was young and impressionable that if one isnt good at something, then one must keep on doing that until one is good at it. that's the only way to improve. and i agree!

i would love to talk more the, uh, EVENTFUL resus shift ytd, but pdpa, so probably shouldnt. thankful for the friends who have heard me out (particularly c and js, who randomly appeared in resus in the middle of it, sadly not to help but to pass us one more pt. haha.). anyway, on the bright side, i got ALL my plugs/ bloods, updated ALL the families, typed in all the histories and generally did more or less the right thing. the bosses also were really nice, so it was great. i honestly think that whatever happened, we really did our best.

but next time, i will definitely NOT mess with the _____. that is for SURE. that image will forever stay in my mind.

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