Sunday, January 1, 2017

the obligatory reflections on new years

i started writing this post multiple times but could never finish it.

so i think its apt to write this on the real first day of 2017.

firstly, thank you God for 2016. it was crazy but i loved it. it brought a lot of heartbreak and soulsearching esp in the first half, what with the whole giving up paeds thing, but starting on emed brought me happiness i never knew could exist. now that im getting more into emed, its actually getting realer and tougher to live up to expectations as the expectations get higher (spoiler: in the beginning, i exceeded expectations since no one had ANY expectations for me, since i hadnt done adult medicine for ONE YEAR)

that said, the past six months could still have been rocky due to my inexperience but somehow God brought me through that. so even though the next six months and beyond look scary, i have every confidence that God will help me with that too.

its crazy feeling scared all over again about residency applications. its really crazy. BUT, God brought me to this, he will bring me through it!

things i wanna do in 2017
- gym 2x/week
- run 1x/week
 LOL dont think this will happen
- present well at the conference
- meet my quota AND BE SAFE. MOST IMPT THING. 
- hopefully pass the exam
- hopefully get into residency

leaving it all to God.
thank you God. 2016 was better than i imagined, only because of you. thank you for showing me that light can overcome darkness, that when all the doors are closed and we are despairing, you will open a window, and light and rainbows will come again.
please help me to be a better person in 2017. i promise to make amends for whatever wrongs i may have done in 2016. 

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