Thursday, January 19, 2017

my poem

... hasnt found me yet/ when it does, i will be ready

"in blue night/ one indigo idea crawls"

currently on my second day off this week. it has been an AWESOME chillax time. even managed to work in making it for teaching - which was simulation, pretty fun! and went to buy books ( i am definitely addicted to book buying is all i will say)

plans for today include
- studyin nerve blocks (cough frcem cough)
- gym later in the evening
- research of the day

it's funny how life works. i used to study korean for fun (c.f my dozen+ korean books). but nowadays, if i study it, it feels like a waste of time. well i guess technically it is since it's literally for fun, and obviously its not like im going to move to korea anytime soon. but it's something i used to enjoy. (oh no, not enjoying things one used to... sounds terrible hahaha). i guess the drive to improve myself is really taking over my life these days. and not needing to gym much in order to lose weight, is both good and bad? good in the sense that, i dont NEED to spend my life in the gym unlike say 5 years ago, bad in that, gymming is obviously good for one, generally. 

anyway, that said, i'm determined to learn all i can to be a good doctor. it's a never-ending quest. but for these chances that God, and Life has given me, i will be grateful and do my best. like the other night i stayed late to watch a chest tube. it was really fun! not only did the snr teach us, the other reg was guiding him thru it too. and watching it with the nurses and my fellow mo and like 1+am... there was this sense of camaraderie and familiarity. like as a med student, yknow how u always feel very awkward and in everyones way? this was totally different a learning environment. like how nowadays i literally JUMP at every chance to do a procedure like m+r, biers block, i+d, i love those things. esp if you know someone is going to walk u thru it, and this is a great chance to learn (its different if u have to do it all alone for the first time then thats a lil scary hahaHa i agree). 

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