Sunday, January 15, 2017

i wish

such a pretty psychedelic mv!

ytd i left my shift feeling satisfied that i did pretty much the right thing by all my pts. ok i didnt meet my quota but i've given up working towards a quota now. HAHA

really grateful to have c in this posting. its great to have someone to mutually download the exciting bits and the angst filled bits of each shift, someone who really literally does understand one. and who most importantly doesnt judge.

now i'm spending my off standby day trying to work off the exhaustion so i can do my researchhh

i think, it is true that God will help us, but at some point we have to help ourselves too


today i will
- lit review the manpower papers
- make better tables
- print out everything
- go to church (at some point)
- study some emed

things to do at some other point
- sign up (again) for the emed exams qn bank
- draw up a study schedule
- sleep with anat pics under my pillow HAHA
- buy more emed books - literally the only thing in life im looking forward to now. i think i have an addiction to books. or maybe i'm addicted to the idea that, the more books i own, the more knowledge will diffuse into my head spontaneously
- sign up for the emed exams when the registration opens

things i want to do but may not ever do
- go to norway
- go to iceland
- go dog sledding
- go on wilderness medicine courses
- go to nepal
- go skiing

can you say escapism? hahah

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