Monday, January 30, 2017

drinking solo

so i
- survived a night shift (and saw 18 pts! i cld prolly have seen up to 20 if i didnt have 2 difficult blds./ but this is also thanks to v nice bosses, and calling eye 3x in one night. HAHA. for the record, i did NOT cherrypick my cases and saw them strictly in order)
- prepped a presentation post night (very. sleepy)

daily study log:
frcem part a: 10 microb online qns and revising microb now!
emed self improvement scheme: epistaxis

#the week really turns out better when i start it with mass, and it's only monday
#thank you God for everything

to do
- research as alwayss
project a - revamp my ppt
project b - find missing data
- hope that some kind pple will help me with the last hoops of eval forms!
- hope that i can get better at resus shifts

#trust in God even when it seems hard

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