Sunday, January 29, 2017


progress report:
i really did choose my ppt template and study gi hormones before sleeping last night! wahaha

now i just need to make my ppt in the few daylight hrs before night shift tmr
this feels slightly remiscent of those ce m&ms

i think something ive learnt is that it's not abt what you have or possess. it's abt havin God's peace in your heart. and if you have that, then you have everything. but life isnt THAT easy and there are ALWAYS distractions along the way. and therein lies the difficulty.

this cny has been pretty fruitful and more pleasant than i expected (im not really a fan of the massive springclean and hundred rules one must follow during cny) it was definitely more chiller and nicer this year, unexpectedly. i also ate many pineapple tarts which was pretty nice. usually i need to diet and all. HAHA good side effect of my current job. no kidding, its really great not to have to think abt weight loss. although i have zero muscle tone but that sounds like pretty low down maslows hierachy of needs

lemme see my current maslows hierachy of needs is
1) GOD
2) peace in heart from God
3) patients all survive
4) sleep (hopefully with a roof over my head, and ideally in my own bed)
5) social contact with fellow humans (fellow mos, bosses, nurses, patients)
8) food (occasionally)
9) gym - i gymmed ONE TIME IN JAN 2017. GOOD JOB. i was really planning on gymming today, but spent it at relatives houses eating pineapple tarts. oh well guess the thought counts.

yall get the drift

other things to do
- get eval forms
- CHANGE MY SHIFT on that day
- pray God works a miracle with the missing (essential) data i need for my other research project

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