Tuesday, December 13, 2016

whatever you do

1. i gymmed post night!! the first time i have gymmed in literally about two months?!
wow achievement. i realized today that the gym is totally my happy place. just walking in and hearing all the usual music playing over the speakers makes me feel happy. add that to post-workout endorphins and post-gym book buying = BLISS. for one hour the outside world doesnt matter, i have no responsibilities. ITS awesome.

2. at the end of everything, the only one who will be there through it all is God. you shouldn't put any hope or trust in anyone else, becos humans are just that, humans.

3. BIG BANG IS BACK. omg. i cant believe they came out with tonight literally almost 6yrs ago when i was in 2nd yr of med sch and now i'm a 2nd yo MO - not even baby mo anymore, and they're going off to army. quite the oomph listening to their song last dance on my night shift. haha. when i was second year i really and truly doubted i'd ever make it through. or even that i'd pass each exam. well i did! and thank you big bang for being the soundtrack to all these years so far.

okay sorry i know i sound very bimbo now. i blame this on the combination of post night and post workout endorphins wahaha

working out is so ADDICTIVE coz it makes you feel very happy and high and makes you wanna do it tomorrow too! which i technically can coz i'm doing night shift again! WHY am i doing so many night shifts, no ideaa. okay. maybe i can run tmr. i haven't run since... i literally can't even remember when is the last time i went running. oh dear. EXCITED. lets do this!!

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