Tuesday, December 27, 2016

what if i gave everything

#mantra of my inner cheerleader

post night, SUPER TIRED, but brimming with ideas for my projects and doing more than i did for three days of festive season days off hahaha

ive concluded that christmas isnt just about the picture perfect festive selfie/ insta pic haha. becos the truth is that life always has ups and downs. BUT. it is about the fact that, the light will ALWAYS overcome the darkness. even if it starts with a star in the night sky, a baby in a manger. 

yes, its true that there may be many things that we dont agree with that other people do. HOWEVER it is also true that God has blessed us with many many things that we should be grateful for. in times when it seems like life is not going our way, just always remember all the multitude of miracles that He gave, usually when we didnt deserve it at all. 

for today, i'm really happy to finally know what to do next for my project! worth it fighting off sleepiness post night. hahah.

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