Friday, December 23, 2016

oh my soul/ middle of a miracle

one project down, next one up next!
will be spending christmas doing RESEARCH. and also church. and gym.

nooo time.

as time goes by, i realize what is the most impt thing in life. and i hope never to forget that.

that said, even tho some things are interludes, i guess all have their good and bad sides. some things so dramatic that even poetry wouldnt describe it adequately.

i really do believe that one day God will show me how it all fits together somehow. in that i trust

cos if you dont believe that, its very hard to survive.

today on christmas eve eve, i would like to thank God for giving me this mopex posting, literally the best posting of my life. i have never met such cool seniors and colleagues, or nice and helpful nurses. best nurses ever. one year ago, i thought ce was the best place on earth. now i've discovered a second home. ok maybe two second homes. both the busy and chillax hospital are awesome, i cant really choose. i think i like being busy better, but the chillax hospital will be busy in a few yrs time and i hope it will be just as awesome! i know i still have a LONG way to go. that's part of the reason why i took the exam coz i really wanted to know the EMED base of knowledge. unfortunately i soon realized mugging for the exam was basically all basic science -_- good job e.

so i'm just going to keep on doin' what i can
even if i'm not the fastest, or the best. not the coolest person nor sadly the funniest (to be fair to myself, my last two debates for medicine were pretty funny!! the literal pinnacle of my lame jokes and debating career. hahahah. talk about going out on a high. God's small little gift to make up for those years of crying outside classrooms and listening to scary judges tell us why we suck). , not the bestest person at keeping up friendships exactly, not the supermodelest. GOD IS GOING TO MAKE IT WORK. somehow.

*inner cheerleader

and at the end of it all, whenever that may be, i'll know that i led the coolest and best life i could've had. its kind of like during my gs ho posting when i literally finished off all my changes to run to the ot to watch the neurosurg op coz when i was younger i wanted to be neurosurgeon101. except i have that same adrenaline coursing through me 24/7 nowadayS

haha what a collection of random thoughts.

anyway, off to enjoy my TWO DAYS OFF OVER CHRISTMAS YAY!! payback for doing three nights in a row yo. its definitely going to be better than doing my christmas eve call last year. NO QUESTIONS BOUT THAT

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