Sunday, December 11, 2016

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

SO i made it thru a very torturous 3 hrs of exam. i guess there were qns i knew the answers to (thank you st joseph of cupertino!), although whether there were enough of those that i'd pass, guess i'll leave that up to God and his mercies. haha. 

THEN had 2 nearly consecutive shifts at the busy hospital. FUN but brain VERY ZONKED. 
yesterday the busy hospital was not so busy. so five of us p2 mos sat around literally twiddling our thumbs, grabbing pts even if from our opposite teams when they did come in, and watching the card boxes like a hawk haha. 

time to do everything i couldnt do cos of studying for exams!
although NO IDEA WHERE TO START. too much to doooo

currently spamming christmas carols and getting into the christmas moood 
good stuff

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