Sunday, December 18, 2016

beautiful life

omg. watching my new fav kdrama and the male lead can see into the future and he sees the female lead... without him by her side in the future.

that was reaaaally heartbreaking

"i can see into your future. and i'm not there beside you"
*cue swoons from million of fangirls round the world"

but thinkin bout it, that happens a lot in real life too doesn't it? not just in fantasy dramas? who was it who said to me again "e ur life is NOT like a korean drama"

HAH that person clearly couldnt see into my future which does look rather like all the medical kdramas nowadays. like the bumbling interns in golden time. HAHA.

that said, i am proud to say that i NOW KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. at the age of 27! (nurse last night. "dr e, how old are you?" me " 27!" her "you dont look it leh, you look 23" -_-) yay! i am also infecting all around me with my newfound enthusiasm and joie de vivre. a told me that she was gonna give up on med until i told her all about my exciting new potential adventures and now she's all excited to go too. hehehe.

i just need to hopefully get some good training for this in the next 5 years or so, God willing, and also finish up my bond which i dont even know whether i have, and then i'm ALL SET

i also need to at some point finish writing this paper. paperS plural. BUT I HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK.

temporary angst over my writer's block reminded me of our JC poetry blog aka writer's blog haha. i really loved that blog. the subtitle seems apt too. hypertext shouting yo tell me about it. so i posted up a poem in the hopes that my research writer's block may be alleviated miraculously. not sure if it works that way.

i also am doing my THIRD NIGHT SHIFT IN A WEEK tonight. so my circardian rhythm (already off coz of almost 1.5 yrs of shift work) is more off than usual. haha im ok with the baseline shiftwork circardian rhythm, but 3 nights in a week is a bit zzzz.

but anyway i'll end off with the beautiful ost from my fav drama GOBLIN

such pathos. it's really incredible.

and on a random note, i resolve not to write poetry for a long time again. i dont think i wanna love someone in that way for a long time. maybe ever? its ok. i don't need that in my life. there's plenty more to life than just love. it may work for some people but imma over it.

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