Sunday, November 20, 2016


must finish paper todayyyy. arghhh

reading thru old emails never fails to make me feel encouraged. good that my 27 year old self is somewhat more hardened and mature than my 20 yr old self LOL. but then again, i guess we need to go thru all that angst in order to get hardened in the first place.

i used to honestly truly think that someone would come up on a white horse, or God would drop somebody from the sky, ok metaphorically i mean heh. nowadays as i plan my drswithoutborders ambitions (my boss on night shift as we traded resus stories "will your mother even let you go?!! hahahaha so astute), i realize increasingly that having a guy and having cute kids is something that i honestly dont really care about. i guess its all abt where you place all your happiness on. haha.

ok. MUST DO RESEARCH. must get into residency. must qualify for a seat on that plane SOMEHOW. i give myself 8 years!! that puts me at 35, good age to go :):)

days when i was in young love wahahahaha it seems so long ago. i cant believe that i could have believed those things, i must have been mad

if i cld go back in time, i wld tell my younger self these things
2) dont bother falling in love with anyone because years from now, you will barely remember them, let alone talk to them. so not really much point there. if you still want to go ahead, you must be insane. you want to know how it's gonna turn out? THIS IS YOUR ANSWER YO. there are so many other cool things you can be doing with your life. trust me. remember the pride and prejudice quote "WHAT ARE MEN TO MOUNTAINS". remember this well
3) live in the er. like do all your electives there, do nonstop nightshifts there!!! i really really wish i had done that haha.

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