Thursday, November 3, 2016

one step away

"One Step Away"

What if you could go back and relive one day of your life all over again
And unmake the mistake that left you a million miles away
From the you, you once knew
Now yesterday's shame keeps saying that you'll never get back on track
But what if I told you…

You're one step away from surrender
One step away from coming home, coming home
One step from arms wide open
His love has never let you go
You're not alone
You're one step away

It doesn't matter how far you've gone
Mercy says you don't have to keep running down the road you're on
Love's never met a lost cause
Your shame, lay it down
Leave your ghosts in the past ‘cause you know that you can't go back
But you can turn around

Lay down, lay down your old chains
Come now, and take up your new name
Your best life up ahead now
You're just one step away

sometimes your inner cheerleader gets rhabdomyolysis and cant go on anymore
sometimes when you're the only one shouting into a void, you get pharyngitis
sometimes everyone elses' negativity gets you down eventually after much persistance. great persistence. good job guys, i'm now persuaded that this life sucks. to my inner cheerleader, i'm really sorry. i tried to fight it but i guess when life tells you NONSTOP,its really hard to ignore it. 

i cant and dont pretend this life is perfect
i can keep on trying to live it
glowing in the dark is not easy, when the batteries run out

but this i know
it is when we are at our lowest point, God will always be there
he might drag us awhile 
so when we look back on our lives, we might see a long groove in the snow rather than two sets of footprints

that's perfectly fine

Here I am, all my intentions
All my obsessions, I wanna lay them all down
In Your hands, only Your love is vital
Though I’m not entitled
Still You call me Your child

God, You don’t need me, but somehow You want me
Oh, how You love me, somehow that frees me
To take my hands off of my life and the way it should go
Oh, God, You don’t need me, but somehow You want me
Oh, how You love me, somehow that frees me
To open my hands up and give You control
I give You control

I’ve had plans shattered and broken
Things I have hoped in, fall through my hands
You have plans to redeem and restore me
You’re behind and before me
Oh, help me believe


haha on a random note, leave really gives me too much time to think. i miss the days of CRAZYLONG queues, crazy things happening everyday, pushing pts to resus, doing t&s for people who are intoxicated, calling hand for crazy lacerations. i guess being busy and seeing fun stuff makes me happy. duH. 

well that gives me inspiration! to get over this stumbling block called LIFE and NAYSAYERS and PESSIMISM. i need to get back there, to the best place on earth. i need to be better when i get back too. 2 more months and here's hoping that God will give me that much longed for posting. please God, please help me with the big computer in the sky. love, me. 

ps: thank you for giving me this posting in the first place. thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone into a place where you knew i would be happy.

isnt it funny how we make plans, but God's plan, even though it may not be what we originally intended, is MUCH better and perfecter than ours? 

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