Tuesday, November 15, 2016

now i know

had a really splendid confession the other day. literally mind blowing. i really have no way to describe it but that warm feeling is something i will remember for a long time.

writing it down here just incase i forget that beautiful memory haha

really amazing how God can use others to touch our lives and bring us back to Him
i was really stunned speechless when i realized how God had worked in our lives. literally stunned speechless

to father A who made my day, maybe my week or month even, THANK YOU so much. i was not expecting much just a routine thing to tick off some boxes, but instead my eyes were opened and i saw again

anyway whilst sitting in the waiting area the mass was going on outside and i heard father m talking about how he encourages students taking exams to think off all the fun things they can do after the exam haha!

so this is my list of what i wanna do
- gym at my homeground ff
- watch fantastic beasts
- take part in a plain vanilla bakery cooking class. looks super yums
- plan amazing holidays


on another note, i really dont think im going to pass this exam. its just gonna be a really expensive anatomy mock exam at the rate im going. sobs. plus research and this journal club on headache which is literally giving me a headache.

but then again i guess being busy is good. and to spend this chillax posting doing exams and research is a BRILLIANT IDEA. since er if i dont even have time to study as much as i would like to with ALL these glorious off days, i think in the busy hospital, NO CHANCE EITHER.

so hopefully i will be able to cram enough anatomy last min. HAHA. i wish.

this video combines my two loves: crossfit and korean stuff. and it's hilarious haha
#crossfit obsession

lovely song by one of my fav singers

ok on the bright side, the research is (sort of) chugging along, my journal club is 85% prepared
now i just need to mug my frcem for the day and chillax in prep for the busy shift tmr.

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