Tuesday, November 1, 2016



I know that fear is a liar
A thief breaking into my heart
He tries to steal all my fire
And shut me down before I even start, yeah

I know I can take it everyday
If there's a way you will make it
I won't be afraid
'cause I be like

Whatever comes my way
I'm not turning back
I know your love won't leave
So I won't worry 'cause
If I fall I win every time I get up again
'cause I can't lose, if I keep learning
I'm learning, I'm learning
I'm learning, I'm learning

Let them shout from the bleachers
Every time I don't get it right
I know my failure is my teacher
And I'm still here in the fight

i survived this posting!!! thank You God. :) most fun and enjoyable posting EVER. may i have many many more months of a&e experience to come, and may we continue to do Your Will.

i know that i can take it everyday/ if there's a way You will make it

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