Sunday, November 13, 2016

crossfit chronicles #2

2nd crossfit fundamentals today was AWESOME

although, very long HAHA. i kid you not. 4hrs of crossfit. tomorrow the muscle soreness is totally going to hit me

whether i sign up for crossfit or not, i really loved trying out all the stuff i always read abt online and watch youtube vids of. and the trainer was great at making me do stuff i didnt dare to do and thinking up progressions for me. e.g dropping 25kg weight from a squat position (super scary!!), pullups with bands, knees to chest instead of toes to bar, jumping on top of a 20inch pylo box haha. i think a lot of it is the fear component. and i got to try out muscle ups and handstand push ups!! which of course, i couldn't do, duh, i knew that already, but at least now i know how i can work on the progressions to get there one day! that said, altho i love crossfit, i dont really think it jives too well with my lifestyle (where i eat/sleep/work and am permanently sleep and coffee deprived). i might well end up falling on my nose and sitting in p3 for 8 hours with "went for crossfit class. now complains of nose pain after falling onto nose. denies any loc".

today's WOD!
(note, done after nearly 3hrs of learning all the crossfit movements/ muscle ups/ handstandpushups, this is pretty brutal. if done fresh, it might not be that brutal. i wouldnt know, will try it out fresh someday on my ff homeground hehe)

5 rounds for time of
- rowing for 20 calories
- 10 kettlebell swings 16/8 (i used the 8kg option)
- 5 toes to bar/ knees to chest 
cap 20 mins
i did it in ~17mins :)

oh well, twas fun and awesome

for the next week, i need to juggle shifts (thankfully with many off days) with:
paper for my previous research
preparing journal club presentation
mugging for frcem

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