Saturday, November 5, 2016

crossfit chronicles #1

haha so i have been thinking about trying crossfit for AGES

(understatement. i distinctly remember watching the entire crossfit games on youtube)

few mths ago i went for the intro class at this box, and today a happy coincidence of leave and good timings meant i went for the fundamentals class too! 

long story short (three hrs of stretches, weightlifting, pullups, pushups and core work), crossfit is awesome!!!

we did a short intro wod which im sure is really basic but which was killer anywaY. goin to post it up so i can have a record :)

amrap (as many reps as possible in 7mins) of
shoulder press/ push press/ push jerk 

ouchhhh. am totally gonna ache for the next few days. good job on the first gym session in two months being crossfit heh

but i feel reaaaally happy and high now!! 

kinda wish i could sign up for this longterm. but i dont know if my scheduling permits??? 

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