Wednesday, November 9, 2016

analysis of my one week leave

LOL i think too much research/ reading journal articles "analysis of effects of bla bla blah"

it's been good! despite my exercise induced myalgia and my urti from an unknown virus, as well as my headache 2' viral illness and now currently my extreme sleepiness 2' last minute procrastination, all in all, i did quite a bit of studying - probably watched 7 video lectures and did >100 qns, managed to gym ONCE (ie crossfit), went swimming for the first time in ages, had a very nice mass and felt God's presence very comfortingly, managed to tell who i now realized was the first person to actually believe in me that i now understood what he told me all those years ago when he said to find a place where God needs people to work most, when trying to find out which specialty to apply for. did ALOT on the research front. drafted one paper and got started on meetings for the next research.

so much effiency. now i'm just going to chillax before my anticipatedly crazy shift at the busy hospital cm.

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