Monday, November 7, 2016

all i wanna do

pre night shift thoughts
1. muscles i dont know the names of are aching. the problem is that in december i will be taking an exam in which i NEED to know the names of these muscles!!!

cooling down post crossfit
instructor: ok guys so now just hang from the bar and stretch your shoulders *demonstrates* 
my internal thoughts *hmmm the possible brachial pleuxus injuries are... OOH i should go home and draw out the brachial plexuses all pretty with colorful marker pens!*

haha honestly i would LOVE to do crossfit long term. but i dont think its sustainable to be SO wiped post workout. it feels great but just not commensurate with my job sadly. like how i dont really dare to do bodypump pre night, i dont think i would dare to crossfit in the morning prenight either HAHA. of course, it depends which hospital you work in and how xiong the nights are, and this two months is a good time to try out crossfit. 

OKAY research gogogo

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