Saturday, October 15, 2016

i did not want love from you/ marshmello

loving this jam


life has been interesting lately. going into this, i didnt expect much coz i expected myself to be really noob. but surprisingly towards the end of sept i realized i was getting into the swing of things & getting better at p3. however this mth has been alot of p2 shifts. so basically back to square one. resus shift was also very exciting but very humbling. nurses kept coming to me and telling me "eh today ur resus shift very exciting leh" HAHA thanks.

it's always a balance to see pts fast and also to do the right thing.its very very hard. but i will keep trying!

it was a bit heartbreaking the other day having a healthy dose of realism tempering my irrepressible enthusiastic idealism. but that doesnt mean i can't be a good doctor, that doesnt mean i can't keep trying my best. even if my best doesnt match up to other people's best, i'm okay as long as i am better than each of my yesterdays. dreams are just that - dreams. if we can or can't ever be qualified for that seat on that plane, maybe there is a reason why?

on a brighter note, mugging anatomy for exams is quite fun. reminds me of how much i loved it in med sch. except that i can't rmb any of it now OMG.

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