Sunday, August 21, 2016

this isn't it

singing along to this song karokestyle is somehow very therapeutic when life isnt quite goin the way you want HAHA
i know this is only teenage angst but the problem is im no longer a teenager. oops. 
i realize that everytime i feel pissed like this i tend to make very strange life decisions. like the time i suddenly decided to change flats out of nowhere in yr 2. i really dont know why i made that decision to this day if u ask me actually?? 
i think i shld just give it all up, and fly to korea to learn korean at sogang. 
except i do have a bond. but i guess i cld take no pay leave. 
and just travel around the world forever. 
but actually work isnt the problem right? 
i guess in the end, you cant run away from yourself. 
you can fly anywhere in the world and be anything but in the end, the one place you can't run from is yourself. 
eh why is this post so angsty. all i wanted to say is that early morning belting out taeyang's song makes me feel happy actually. HAHA. 

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