Tuesday, August 16, 2016

there must be something i can do (& this is it)

Everyone tells me to close my eyes when darkness comes
That nothing has changed, that it’s always like this
Everything will be forgotten and maybe only you’ll be the one who’s hurt
But if you can still feel it after you ignore it and turn your head
There must be something
There must be something
There must be something I can do
There must be something
When it seems to be nothing

I need to find that something
Maybe it’ll be really easy, there’s nothing to fear
It’s about sharing the sadness, it’s about holding hands
It’s about lending an ear to angry shouts and counting them as precious
If you believe that small movements can make big miracles
I hope people who are in love won’t lose each other anymore and smile
I pray that this song will be a small light for the hurting hearts
There must be
There must be
such a beautiful song. today my shred of light at the end of darkness is HARUKI MURAKAMI. after all these years ive still never bought any of his books. i shld probably start now
some quotes:
"And it came to me then. That we were wonderful travelling companions but in the end no more than lonely lumps of metal in their own separate orbits. From far off they look like beautiful shooting stars, but in reality they’re nothing more than prisons, where each of us is locked up alone, going nowhere. When the orbits of these two satellites of ours happened to cross paths, we could be together. Maybe even open our hearts to each other. But that was only for the briefest moment. In the next instant we’d be in absolute solitude. Until we burned up and became nothing." - Sputnik sweetheart 
There has to be an end somewhere. It’s just that nothing’s labeled ‘This is the end.'
"After a certain length of time has passed, things harden up. Like cement hardening in a bucket. And we can’t go back anymore."
"We cannot simply sit and stare at our wounds forever. We must stand up and move on to the next action."
"How long will it take me to get used to this?"
"It's not a question of time. When it comes, you'll already be used to it."

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