Friday, August 12, 2016

thank you for everything/ glow in the dark

"Thank You For Everything"

Thank you for the world that awakes
In the dawning light that breaks
And for the sunlight kissin' my face
Thank You
And for the stars out on parade
At the ending of each day
So even in the dark I'm sayin' 
Thank you

When I look at the world around me
And breathe in the breath You gave
Every beat of my heart is singing
Thank You for everything
If You lead me to still waters
If I'm caught in the hurricane
Wherever You lead I'm singing
Thank You for everything

Thank You for the gift of friends
Who know everywhere I've been
And love me back home again
Thank You
And for the ones who let me down
And taught me what I know now
Of forgiveness and the freedom I've found
Thank you

Thank You for the hardest parts
And the beauty of these scars

something running thru my mind during my ___ shift ytd was a list of small mercies to be thankful for
- for the nurse who offered to take the renal panel for me (literally running after me to say "dr its ok i will take!) - i could have hugged her
- nat for telling me to go eat lunch and going to grab lunch tgt (first time ever i have eaten a meal during my ___ shifts. usually i dont eat OR pu at all the WHOLE SHIFT, get back SUPER HUNGRY and inhale a bowl of whatever may be nearby)
- dr j who was on shift ytd!! wah never felt so relieved to see a familiar face
- the cons who i felt very very scared before approaching them but who actually turned out to be really cool & nice!
- when i finally, finally got blood from this uncle. and before he left, he actually came to find me to thank me (despite the fact that i poked him more than once ><)

and most of all the fact that after calming down & deciding to go through the zillion handover pts and my own new cases slowly and methodically instead of running around like a headless chicken, i still saw around the same number of cases as previous shifts (an unmentionable number hahah), but felt very safe for each of them, and did (i think. i hope) the right things for them. need to go follow up the progress to make sure of that. but at least its nt stuff that keeps me up all night wondering if i did the right thing.

maybe, just maybe, this crazy idea might work out. haha.

thank You for the hardest parts/ & the beauty of these scars

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