Friday, August 19, 2016


beautiful song from the punch ost
jeon inkwon and dok2 
You told me that I know so little of the world
With a bit of a worried look
With a bit of a sorry smile
Yes, I probably don’t know the world
I have left for this long journey alone
But I have no regrets
All the dreams that made me cry and laugh

That is my world
No one easily believed in my dream
So I couldn’t throw it away, I held it even closer
Even if reality is different, I didn’t live any differently

Even if I couldn’t see it, it was growing inside me
Now I think it’s spreading before me, my world is in front of me
If someone asks me, I would answer without hesitation
I’m always the same, I never regret

I’m doin me and I’m proud of it
So you could never doubt that 100 tho
I left for a long journey, with countless changes and mistakes
The long loneliness and scars haven’t healed yet
But I’ve gotten used to it and matured when I came back
So I am going toward a better tomorrow once again
The small dream and trust now is the start of a bigger future

Even if it’s weak, it will be worth it
So if I clash against the world, I’ll just take a break and run again
I just need to make hard things easy, I’m good

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