Friday, July 1, 2016

thoughts on the last ten months

so literally on the cusp of a new posting, ??a new direction in life, who really knows

CE has been something really God given, this much i know. From the first day i stepped in as a new and blur baby mo, i remember how horrified and frustrated the seniors sometimes were hahahahahaa. To sitting in rm 19 on my last day (as resus mo no less), being able to juggle pts, resus and presenting at m&m, looking at my evaluation form where my supervisor, a very snr con whom i greatly respect and admire had written very nice and kind things, i was really amazed at God's grace.

The me who wished as a student to try out ce, for whom a day posting at ce was the highlight of an elective, and the me who is running to help with trauma codes and code blues and fitting kids. only God could have bridged this huge gap between what i wanted to do and could do.

I really hope that God will similarly bless whatever direction i am going to take now. I really hope that this is the right thing now. Either way, I know that he will bring me through this. He did bring me through an adult acls sucessfully hahahahaha. the examiner right after i finished my acls "mo or reg?" hahahaha i really wanted to laugh.

Its scary trying something new. But CE taught me this - that i can do it. I would never have mustered up the courage to do this next posting if i didnt have ten mths of a&e experience. So thank you God for the past 1yr of being a baby mo, and may i spend the next 1yr doing your work too :)

thank you especially to the ce nurses. you guys are beyond amazing. leaving yesterday, felt like leaving home for uni hahah.

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