Friday, July 15, 2016

thoughts on first two weeks in adult med

there is SO MUCH I DONT KNOW it is scary

it is really very scary. if i didn't have this chilled out posting, incredibly nice seniors and lovely fellow mos, i think i would not have survived this posting. thanks d for answering that very very distressed phone call with such calm HAHA. i think anyone else would have put down the phone. and thanks c for the whatsapp consults. although it just scared me more than anything. lol. 

some things hold true wherever u are - if you arent sure of sth, or sth is niggling at you, put your pride (however much or little aside), and ASK SOMEONE. that is something i learnt as a baby mo - esp in my last few calls of paeds med HAHA. if unsure, just ask. at the worst, the reg will think you are really stupid, what's to lose anyway. 

just keep on going & hope i will get better. somehow, someday. 

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