Friday, July 22, 2016

midnight musings

life has been actually very mundane but for some reason, been having alot of rollercoaster emotions. kinda like the secret life of walter mitty hahaha. btw iceland looks sooo pretty in that show

i think much of it is the initial excitement of newness wearing off & facing fears. its good to know that things i thought i did wrong actually wasnt wrong. haha. being able to sleep at night is really such a blessing. its so terrible to stay up at night thinking what if and could u have done sth better/ more rightly. 

one year ago i remember going thru exactly the same fears. having the same dreams, seeing pts all night in my dreams. i wonder if one yr from now ill actually be a good doctor? hahah. i sincerely hope.

the news abt cf closing made me think how precious ff is to me. its not often reported in the media but what struck me is how much the regular gym goers loved the place itself, the people, the pump n combat classes. i could really identify with them when they talked abt how much they missed queuing up for classes with their fav instructors and doing back to back classes haha!! honestly i havent been to gym all that often since turning mo due to my highly irregular work hours (an understatement). but no matter how often or regularly i go, just stepping into ff makes me feel like its going to be a good day. like you KNOW you're gonna feel awesome after a good workout and that awesome feeling is gonna carry over for a few days (esp if its ur first workout in like a mth haha.) its really priceless. 

life sometimes doesnt make any sense at all, then it makes a little bit of teeny weeny sense. sometimes there is no answer for it. just blindly trust & hope that, at the end of the night, there will be coffee and the sun will rise. and that you may have fried chicken in the pantry for supper. :)

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