Wednesday, July 13, 2016

i'll remember/ our daily bread


lots of thoughts going through my head
but this i know
God can help me with miracles, but at the end its up to me to fill up the emptiness with knowledge
things i know i dont know, and things i didnt know i didnt know, i need to fill up those cracks stat

as life goes on, there will always be people who are there (my 16yo self made SUCH a good choice in studypartner with d hahahah) 
there will always be people who pop up
but at the end of it all, some people will go & some will stay
i guess u could say i'm really very jaded, not just in terms of work but love. probably more jaded when it comes to love. eh actually hard fight, but since i never got any miracles when it comes to love, just alot of poetry which literally won me awards & publications. oh well. 

i guess what im saying is that i know what i should do & i should run towards that
just keep on running & hope i'm running the right race this time
but thank you. really. no matter what happens this act of kindness & gift from God will be remembered :):) just like the angels in the stairway, the bonfire at the end of a long path of uncertainty & darkness, i will remember this as one of the times of miracles in my life. 

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