Saturday, July 23, 2016

day off chronicles

plans for today
- study my sogang 2b book again :) it's been AGES since i studied korean
- watch oh hae young again - it's like a cup of coffee on a rainy day 
- combat!! with the fav instructor w
- much needed retail therapy. 
- finish watching the neverending induction videos 

plans for tomorrow
- early morning run to the botanics
- go for a friend's wedding :) 
- RESEARCH 10 cases
- church

plans for monday
- somehow do the online thingy
- somehow finish the practical thing before rushing for shift
- shift + RESEARCH 10 cases


i'm starting to worry over my next shift. i know i shouldnt but ehhhh i think this is a little too hard for my SECOND SHIFT EVER. i think i'll go early, log into all the accounts, and prepare all the blood taking trays in advance. (and obviously pray really really hard. not least that whoever is the senior is very nice, kind and understanding)


things i wanna do 
- travel to iceland/ norway/ machu picchu
- ski in korea/ switzerland
- find a conference to present at
- bake a chocolate cake
- run a half marathon - maybe the one in aug?!
- go for the tropical medicine course in peru 
- play pokemon go. HAHAH. 
- finish the sogang 2b books and buy the 3a books!!
- do more HIIT classes

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