Saturday, June 25, 2016


hiking in the swiss alps was awesome!!

many thanks to God for the beautiful weather on jungfrau on the day we took the train to the top! especially as it was forecasted to rain the whole week! the great weather everyday actually. when we got to montreux a dude on the bus told us "this is great weather. it's been raining for five weeks and just stopped today". we also walked right into a marching band competition on the main street haha. and the many many kind swiss people who gave us indispensible directions and advice on routes to walk. 

now on to m&m part 2 -_- all my m&ms are on ent topics haha.
i have 3 hrs to do my m&m before shift. once i survive that, then i need to mug acls, then survive a night shift, then survive the actual acls post night, then present my m&m, then study for ALL OF ADULT MEDICINE. maybe i should have spent my leave mugging all the aforementioned things...

anyway no regrets, it was the best recharging experience EVER. except for the part where i caught an urti with an extremely productive phelgmy cough, came back super jetlagged to a new computer system IE bad planning hahaha but i totally did not know like 6mths in advance when i booked my tix that we were gonna change computer systems!

been having a spate of exciting resuses pre and post leave. i'm loving it!! now to survive m&m. yes i can do it!!

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