Monday, June 27, 2016


i dont usually listen to chinese songs, but monster x's mashup is fantastic! esp shownu's dancing. i think im regressing coz when i was in secondary sch i wanted to marry walt whitman/ wh auden. now im like OMG taeyang OMG shownu.

beast's butterfly is awesome too :)

shall save all the epilogues for after my first ed shift. and maybe when i have actually finished my m&m. but my heart feels very full to the brim leaving ce. overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness for the lovely nurses and colleagues, my fellow mos esp mich wong, feli, shanti, denyse  :)

a place that taught me literally everything i know now. a place that feels like home. dear ce, thank you for everything. thank you for teaching me how to be a good doctor, for all the exciting resuses i had the chance to be a part of. i never thought i would be fighting for the chance and opportunity to go and help out with a trauma code or that i would even be of any use in one. when dr j said "ok you can stay, you earned it", the feeling of YES!! haha.

thank you for teaching me that if i put my mind to it, i can do anything, even things i once thought impossible. if not for my ten months in ce, i would never have dared to attempt adult emed. although its also a different kettle of fish in many ways and i'm also quite scared (but excited), i know that if life has taught me anything, it taught me that if God brings me to something, he will bring me through it. i think that i have known this for awhile actually but i never dared to step out of my comfort zone. come to think of it, my first day of ce as a baby mo and first day as peds med mo was also spent feeling very NOOB haha so i guess all new things take awhile to find one's way.

ok m&m!

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