Sunday, May 22, 2016

sunday meanderings

one of my bffs just got married!! its really quite a different feeling going to random pple's weddings compared to when its someone you literally grew up with. something that struck me abt the wedding was that all her friends who were helping out in the "flower sweatshop" hahahaha as per one of the groomsmen's toast ;p really did it as a labor of love for her & her groom! that's what made it really beautiful & enjoyable. 

in rg they always used to say that when we all grow up, we'll be so busy and successful that we have noo time to meetup with our rgs friends LOL well definitely busy, dunno abt sucessful & its true that we all rarely meetup. partly cos pple arent in the same countries half the time. but those golden days spent believing that we could be whatever we wanted to be & the friendships forged in those heady days will be remembered forever :) thanks m for letting me be a part of ur wedding prep!! and thank you for making rg so awesome. years ago i remember pre rg i was very very nervous cos its a totally different environment and who knows if id be happy there - i neednt have worried. it was really truly awesome thanks to you, nand, (and the debate team, but i'll save that reminisicing for nic's wedding hee.) 

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