Sunday, May 15, 2016

somewhere in between

priorities this year
1) do my best each shift/ call/day :)
2) get something published this year
3) gym errrrr at least once a week HAHA. i already gymmed 2x this week YAY accomplishment

i dont need to put korean on my priority list cos i already squeeze it in, like how i was doing practice topik qns this morning at 1am post shift -_-

things i need to do very soon
- find my singpass account number thingy
- pack the house

things i would love to do
- bake something
- go eat bingsu
- meet up with friends - nic maybe? havent seen her in AGES. maybe nic would like to try bingsu? HAHA

korean books on my wishlist
1) sogang 2b!!! 
2) yonsei vocab and grammar practice for foreigners - saw good reviews about this!

3) yonsei level 2 and level 3 books 
4) omg sogang 3a and 3b books look really pretty. i can't wait to get to that level :) the colors are so pretty. i'm sure the inside contents are great too from all accounts though LOL

mm i think that's all the books i'm lusting for currently
but once i get over this high beginner hurdle and finish the books i CURRENTLY own (including sogang 2a, ewha 1-2 workbook, topik beginner, yonsei reader 2, korean grammar for beginners), then i can start buying the intermediate books! 

ok i really think i should move to korea. HAHA. 
or buy a new bookshelf. think the new bookshelf is more practical. 
on the bright side few weeks ago i saw a korean kid in ce who i had seen before a few months ago! they came for something else and passing by my room they waved happily to me. and talked to me totally in english -_- i also couldnt think of the korean words at that moment lol

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