Monday, May 16, 2016

passing by

The shaking sound of the wind
Shakes up my heart and passes by
Even though I’ve hurt all I could
How much more do I have to hurt
In order to be just fine?
As if it’s nothing
You just pass me by

Even after time and seasons pass
My heart keeps getting colder

But I can’t become cold by myself
Again today, you are
Passing by
Like I’m cut by a sharp knife
You pass me by like that
How much more tears do I have to shed
To get used to being alone?
I don’t even know my own heart (I don’t know you)
So I gave you a hard time (I hurt you a lot)
So I’m just sorry, I’m just thankful
If you leave me, I can’t ever see you again
But I’ll be missing you

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