Sunday, May 15, 2016

out of the wasteland

on a lifehouse kick today! all their songs from their 2015 album out of the wasteland are gemsss
also, points for ts eliot references!!


How long have I been in this storm?
So overwhelmed by the ocean's shapeless form
Water's getting harder to tread
With these waves crashing over my head

If I could just see you
Everything would be all right
If I'd see you
This darkness would turn to light

And I will walk on water
And you will catch me if I fall
And I will get lost into your eyes
I know everything will be alright
I know everything is alright

I know you didn't bring me out here to drown
So why am I ten feet under and upside down
Barely surviving has become my purpose
Because I'm so used to living underneath the surface

Everything's alright
Yeah, everything's alright


I'm on a mission, resuming transmission that checked out for too long
Was put into submission 'til I wrote down it all
But the truth is I cannot be trusted with what's in my head

Wake up and pay my dues 'til I'm blue in the face
Falling in line with the rest 'til I'm out of the race
But I'm losing it over nothing, just clearing space
You can only dance with the darkness when dawn takes place

'Cause we're just a speck in this world and they say "take it or leave it"

Short on stardust, but there's still time
I needed you to hear me out and free me from all my doubts
Now you found me

I can't feel you but there's still time
Yeah, it doesn't mean when I am low
No one's ever been this close, can you hear me?


I've lost my balance
I fell from the trapeze
This act isn't easy
I've been under water
This storm has been raging
These nights are not sleeping
My dreams are now strangers to me

And I need you now
There's too many miles on my bones
I can't carry the weight of the world
No, not on my own

This place is a desert
I've been walking in circles
I'm screaming for answers
I might fall into pieces
Or maybe I'm finally breaking through

No more running, no more hiding
No more hurting, no more crying
No more falling, no more striving
No more fears, only flying


You calm the oceans in my mind,
When I'm waging war against myself
You bring peace to my madness
You slow down the hands of time

You know the secrets in my heart,
When my inner space has turned to grey
And these waves of sadness
Come crashing through the day

Then I hear you say,
I don't ever have to be afraid
All I know is you're beautiful
Something here worth living for

You bring meaning to it all,
When my hope has run the other way
And I can barely exhale
Throwing punches at the day
on a random note, sunday looks SO much better after chocolate (which we won during a quiz during teaching!) + coffee you wouldnt believe it

also i am officially addicted to buying korean textbooks. it is official. 
and i reaaally really want to take no pay leave to go study korean 
actually i just want to move to korea forever. but i might have a bond. or i might not have a bond, i literally do not know

i also think i should be a kindergarten teacher. that might be a good plan. wish i had thought of that earlier. darn greys anatomy and house!!! 

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