Saturday, May 28, 2016

moonlight drawn by clouds

yesterday at 130am driving past the serene center macs that was such a large part of my teenage dreams (literally hahaha) felt abit nostalgic, esp when you consider that i drive past it every night on my way home

the streets that i once looked upon so poetically as 'swimming in a sea of streetlight'; now i am driving one of the 'cars that drift by' omg i cant believe i am quoting my own 16yo poetry. or maybe the unbelievable part is that my 16yo poetry is more mature than my 20yo puns on cooking and laundry, or my 26yo medical puns? more abstract maybe

macs where i used to study with d, both of us dreaming of being doctors (altho at the time we only talked equations and religion, we never really discussed our now obvious one track minded medical obsessions). all those endless phone calls with kevin. all those nights spent at that bus stop writing poetry in my head, watching the smokey trails of the buses and cars

in a way, i am now the captain of my own little vessel on this moonlit sea - there should be some poetic Meaning to it, that i have some element of control over the steering wheel now, rather than sitting there waiting for the last bus, hoping it doesnt pass me by. but the storms are strong and my vessel is a patchwork of tin cans and hope, so who knows

i guess that if anything, at least i managed to row to this point. at least i wasnt alone when fighting the storms & i know i never will be. glad that all those years ago God sent someone help me kinda like nemo & dory hahaha

there are a few more poems percolating in the coffee maker of my mind
will get back to it once im done with my daily grind ;p

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