Tuesday, May 10, 2016

dont stop the madness

hello world, it is now past midnight. and i have mock code tomorrow and i am rushing out my last minute taxi claims (taking taxi home post shift is the best luxury ever. esp if you tend to crash your car into your gate at the best of times, not to mention at 2am post shift)

and i just signed up to spend my sundays teaching little children about God

no not when they come to see me for urtis, but in the time in between my saturday shifts that end at 1am on sunday and when my actual sunday shift starts at 4pm~

not sure why this feels like such a right thing to do, but.

i hope they accept me!! playing with cute kids on a sunday, sounds like exactly my thing.


I lay here under the stars in awe of who You are
You've never been so real
It's like I'm seeing for the first time
Like You opened my eyes to show me
Everything I've missed before
How many years did You plan this moment here
To show me how You love me

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