Thursday, April 14, 2016

the funny thing is, it used to be the days blurring into a golden haziness; of sitting in that four walled room jailed inside a computer, staring into mri scans that i learnt absolutely nothing from; seeing as how i still dont know how to read mri scans years on...

watching the summer-filled days dance past the windows, picnics on the lawns, people suntanning themselves on the rare days of sun that i only knew from hearsay since i was never there to see it for myself. we spent our days in that grey building, outlining brains on a computer like a neverending story, eating the same cafeteria food everyday, like 1984 and groundhog day on replay

nowadays, it's the nights blurring into one long continuous midnight movie. no doubt, a far more exiciting one; greys anatomy and er and scrubs on replay; living out the dramas i always dreamed of. i guess if something has to be on replay, at least its of dramas i loved. 

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