Monday, February 22, 2016

don't forget

such a pretty wintery mv :)

You and I, even if we become strangers some day
Even if we become two people who can’t ever come together again
Don’t forget me

I hope you’ll remember me some day
I hope you’ll look back at least once
i love learning a new language! the feeling when you can read a totally different language that was previously a mystery to you is totally awesome.

work aside, it's nice having a breather for awhile (not to mention shift work makes you only want to sleep/eat/chillax when you are actually awake), you can take some time off the daily grind to think about what to do next with your life

maybe i'll go learn korean or french and be a ski instructor in switzerland/ korea. sounds good to me.

what i wanted to say that day although it didn't quite come out that way: 
"thank you for believing in me when no-one else believed in me. for seeing the good in me in the one time in my life when it seemed that there wasn't any good in me at all, when everyone around me was telling me that i was doing the wrong thing" 

i could have phrased it so much better than what i actually said huh. 

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