Wednesday, January 27, 2016

247/ galaxies

old but goood :)

Oh telescope,
Keep an eye on my only hope,
Lest I blink and get swept off the narrow road,
Hercules, you've got nothing to say to me,
'Cause you're not the blinding light that I need.
For He is the saving grace of the galaxies (galaxies, galaxies, galaxies, galaxies)
He is the saving grace of the galaxies (galaxies)

Dear God, I was terribly lost
When the galaxies crossed
And the sun went dark.
But dear God, You're the only North Star
I would follow this far.


post 2 resus shifts, i woke up literally feeling like i had run a race ytd. unfortunately, no, my race is NEXT week. (not to mention i havent trained for it at all LOL. good luck to me)

i actually do like resus shifts (more on hindsight), and i know it's a good place to learn. notably ytd as i was standing in resus room documenting on the cow, a med student said this to me
student: how come you're always here!
me: errr..? it's my job?
student: nono i mean, always in resus.
me: coz i'm resus mo tonight!
student: ohh... but u were resus mo last night too!
me: tell me about it. i have no idea why
student: will you be resus mo every night?
me: i sincerely hope not!!

also wanna share this lovely r&B video

the time is passing fast
and i pass each day barely 

the feeling each day post shift each shift that i barely survive as i go to eat my post shift choc from cheers is really priceless though. lol.

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