Monday, December 28, 2015

thoughts on winter wonderlands

I survived my christmas call!! Strongly suspect the prophylactic pre call carol singing of silent night had something to do with this. And also my ho who literally skipped into the ward on christmas day to help me preround (we actually cover 2 wards so the ho starts in 1 ward and i start in another). And there was nandos chicken on call. So that was nice too :) 

Thereafter had a golden weekend with fri pm off post call, and both sat & sun free for gymming, family christmas dinners, meeting up with friends  & much general slackery. 

So yeah. Maybe life really is what we make of it. Sometimes we can overcome the long dark tea times of the soul by ourselves, sometimes we can't. Sometimes we can rely on other humans and oftentimes there is only God who persists thru it all. Interesting epiphany last sun which showed me that jumping to my own conclusions based on limited pinhole vision is usually (and gladly) wrong. 

Something i am really grateful for is the gift of gymming/running. Endorphins really do make such a difference in everyday life. But i think apart from that, just the fact that one steps into the gym or just lacing up ur shoelaces and heading out for a run is like sort of a hope that tomorrow will be a happier day. Maybe a very sore muscle day haha. But i love that feeling of waking up with post run myalgia! (Assuming one doesnt go into rhabdo la). 

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