Sunday, December 13, 2015

random weekend musings

so i spent the last three weekends continuously being on call - no kidding.

and then i spent this weekend doing nothing but sleeping. lol. it feels like i ran a marathon.

speaking of which i requested off in jan on one day to run an actual race, of which i dont know if it is approved?! sigh.

something i very sincerely believe in is that People who walk into your life with a certain amount of Significance, do so for a Reason. sometimes reasons unknown and sometimes it's very clear why.

so this week i need to survive a call, a debate, & then i will go the next day to confess all my sins. sounds like a plan to me. and then i will be oncall on christmas eve & sing silent night to all the babies. oh wait its an mo3 call, so i think the kids will all be older than 1 month. oh well. then post call i will go for christmas day mass

i dont know this sounds like a very difficult list of things to do. i shall aim for a) all my pts to survive my calls b) to make it for christmas day mass!!

everything else will hopefully fall into place. like not having any public humiliation during the debate. i realized that the previous debates, my usual role is to sit there coming up with the lame jokes, while sanjiv/sean/joshua crack their brains to come up with the actual prongs of attack, and then they expound on it very intellectually and im just like "hey guys if i say *insert lame joke here*, will you guys kill me?" *cue polite silence* HAHA. ah good times i miss them.

ok. i think i shall aim for (1) MAKE IT FOR CHRISTMAS DAY MASS

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