Saturday, August 22, 2015

glow in the dark

list of things i did today
1. 100 pastest qns!
2. removed an FB ear
3. gymmed for the first time in forever. ok not forever. just 4 months.

everytime when i feel its getting a bit easier then i realize there is so much i still don't know. but the way is really to learn from mistakes, acknowledge that i still don't know a lot. and THINK BROADLY. and step out of my comfort zone to do more procedures. procedures are really so satisfying :) also the one good thing is nowadays when people ask me how long i've been a doctor for i can say "oh about one and a half years", which sounds markedly better than "one week", or "four months".

"That Was Then, This Is Now"

We used to hide from the light
We were headed the wrong way on a one way track
Going nowhere fast

We got used to the dark
We thought this is who we are
And we figured that we were just too far gone
But we were wrong
He said you’re forgiven
And you belong

So go ahead, put the past in the past
Box it up like an old photograph
You don’t have to go back
‘Cause that was then and this is now

"Carry Me"

The only way I'm ever gonna make it out
Is if You carry me, carry me, carry me now
Lord don't let these worries get the best of me
Oh I believe, that You're still here with me
Cause You meant what You said when You said You'd never leave

the afters - you lift me up

Waiting for the sunrise
Waiting for the day
Waiting for a sign that I'm
Where You want me to be

You know my heart is heavy
And the hurt is deep
But when I feel like giving up
You're reminding me

That we all fall down sometimes
When I hit the ground
Your love carries me so I'm letting go
You lift me up

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