Tuesday, July 14, 2015

on the road

like our promise, i'm going to meet you at the end of this road
there are times when the day is long and there are times when time flies
you just need to keep making those steps, without wavering
the love that i didnt know then, here is comes

there are times i want to drop on my knees &
there are times i want to turn back
but i know there's a reason for this road
you fill up the sky, you blaze the sky aglow
just one more time, shout to me so that i can hear

we are walking together
standing on the same road
you give me the light to see, i can hear you calling back for me

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love scenario

happy cny guys~ first time in 2 years i get the whole cny weekend off ie GOLDEN WEEKEND. but im also itching to go back to shift work......