Saturday, July 4, 2015

evening sky

had quite a nice (if calorific) dinner ytd. all these dinners are always v entertaining coz there are so many pple whom i dont really know that well but by the end of the night i always end up listening to funny stories abt people lol.

as of today, i havent gymmed or ran for TWO MONTHS *gasp*. minusing running for resus cases, or c sections, or hypotensive pts... oh well. i really miss running :(

my current daily schedule looks something like this
4pm-1am - shift (actually supposed to finish at 11pm. but i hardly ever truly leave at 11pm. haha)
broken down further
3.45pm: arrive at ed, grab scrubs, change, bum in pantry eating ed provided dinner & chatting to nurse/ fellow mos/ the occasional con, go and chope a room if not already assigned
355pm: log into all my accounts/ download templates/ grab sweets for bribery
4pm sharp start seeing some easy URTI case
430pm: usually get interrupted by some kid who needs puff
5pm: remove fishbone!
6pm: put hand/leg cast for kid who has fooshed/ fallen down in some way or another
8pm: fluoroscein baby with red eyes & call eye coz... BABY
many more urtis....
1055pm: pick up kids with vomiting... neccessitating trial of feeds/ urilux testing galore
1am: cab back
1am-3am: unable to fall asleep
3am-1pm: ZZ
1pm-330pm: bum around at home, doing nothing of benefit to society/ own future life goals *cough exam studying cough*, definitely not gymming despite daily resolutions to go for early morning gym classes

rinse wash repeat. but it's actually getting kinda fun :) hearing stories of adult ed from my peers at dinner ytd also makes me curious as to what adult ed is like! maybe, depending on how life turns out..

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