Tuesday, May 5, 2015

resolutions/a little bit closer

1. see 20 patients a shift. ok. i think i should start with aiming for double digits. like maybe 11. HAHA. bring on the urtis!!
2. study 1 topic a day!
- topics to mug: nnj/ asthma/ uti (makes me faster when seeing common conditions)
- ortho/ eye/ ent (makes me faster when seeing slightly out of the common conditions). also i want to do my first backslab sooN!
3. quickly finish sedation module so that i can start getting up the nerve to start doing sedation (its a v useful skill!)
4. which brings me to T&S, i really want to do one!
5. need to review inx faster!

in summary, i just need to be fasteR. actually i have the basic (verrry basic) knowledge. i just need to figure out the computer system. but really grateful for all the clinics i've been forced to run in ho yr (like in gs as well as pat). really prepares you much better for these 5 min pt encounters.

the funny thing is i always have all these aspirations but each time i start a new posting im acutely aware of how much more i have to learn! a lot of the time it really is due to new systems and once you get used to the workflow ur muchh faster and much more efficient. i think i was quite an ok o&g ho towards the end. haha.

eventually i'll get closer to where i wanna be, eventually i'll get good at this, whatever this is :)

ok i aim to see 12 patients on my shift tmr. and close the case v fast and trace all their inx v fast and have them leave my consult room happy. haha one hopes.

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