Monday, May 18, 2015

reflections on wk 2

sooo after 2 weeks, i have concluded that this is not rocket science (as it initially felt like). the guidelines are slowly being imprinted in my brain & once you know your guidelines well, it makes things MUCH faster coz u can send people home fast, or just adm them faster if they need admission. and you can just summarize the case faster to the con/reg instead of presenting like a medical student "this boy has fever for 3 days... cough for 3 days...". and i have also learnt to DO CXR FOR SUPER LONG COUGHS. the other day the reg and i were looking at q a florid cxr and she was like SEE i told you need to do cxr! *humbled*.

also, really enjoy doing fluroscein stains on little babies. v satisfying and amazing that i can do it! although i think this eye reg must be like wondering why the same mo keeps calling her about small babies. btw people if you ever get conjunctivitis, do NOT rub your eyes. just a tip.

week 1: 6-10pts/day
week 2: 8-12 pts/day --> yay?

used to think that working in an emed dept would mean that when the shift ends, one can just go home and switch off. NOT TRUE. well its true in the sense that you dont have to stay behind and hids, and its not like med sch where you need to perpetually mug for the next mini-cex. on that note, seriously so glad for med sch. since whatever i do now is predicated on whatever i learnt in med sch. LOL. thank goodness for all that mugging. there's alot of wondering WHAT IF and if you did the right thing.

anyways, it's a new week! and hopefully i can hit 15 pts this week? need to sing for my (often cold) suppers! and also need to learn to heat up aforementioned suppers. it's really nice of them to give us food :)

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