Friday, April 17, 2015

tell me one one more time

i survived night float! now all i have is 2 bridging calls, 1 public holiday call and 2 weeks of gynonc and im freeee
the patient who said this morning as i took fbc from her (since the nurses who very kindly tried to take it to help me out didnt manage to get it) "go home! have a good rest!" was so nice!! as was the very entertaining lady i have been taking daily fbcs from every 6am this entire night float. (successfully first poke each time may i add). setting plugs successfully makes me feel so thoroughly satisfied :):) esp when its coz the nurses felt friendly and therefore tried once beforehand first (the level of gratitude i feel when nurses actually take blood in this posting is really amazing. who would have thought. its actually good this way i guess coz then you go around feeling grateful instead of telling them 'uhh why not you guys keep trying ill try to go once i can' like we usually do then by the time we get there they've set it alr haha). yeah so when i get plugs that someone tried before and couldnt the level of satisfaction is like +1000 xp. who would have thought this day would come!

my new jam - tell me one more time by jinusean

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