Saturday, February 7, 2015

keeper of the stars

"Keeper Of The Stars"

Against all hope in hope I believe,
That You Lord are faithful,
You're good and You are able.
When it seems impossible to me,
Your promises are all true,
What You said I know You will do.

And I am sure
Your love endures

I'm giving it all
To the Keeper of the stars
I won't be afraid
Cause You're holding every part
Of this world
And my heart trusts You that
You won't let me fall
I'm giving it all
To the Keeper of the stars

Against all hope in hope I believe,
Your plan for me is perfect
And You show me it's all worth it.
With eyes of faith You teach me to see,
And lighten every dark night,
Knowing it will be alright.

mopostings are firming up :) dream combi of postings! i'll be totally unstoppable after that. not to mention my most awesome fallback of all time. hahaha. d asked what if i'm not meant to do any of this. HOW I KNOW. million dollar question. see the thing is that it's going to be ok in the end but the problem is you dont know where is the end. but whatever happens it's going to be okay. and i will become better at plug setting. eventually. HAHA. just FYI i'm much better now than as a med student. lol. anyway in my POV, the more training i get it's better. maybe in the end i'm really going to join drs without borders & fulfil my childhood dreams. i mean i dont think i was initially enticed into medicine by the thought of daily morning ward rounds. the other day we had a new reg for 1 day before we all went off to diff postings and he was the nicest reg EVER plus hilarious. he was like 'you know before this i did a&e. and i wonder. why does anyone want to do morning rounds everyday?' hahaha. 

ANYWAY to conclude, i know what i have to do for the next 18 mths of my life at least. after that, i really dont know what i have to do. i'll think about it when i get there. but one thing i know for sure, i was meant to do medicine. which part is not clear, but it's going to be someplace where i can do God's work and help people. there has to be a reason why i ended up going all over the world and endured all this random stuff just to get to this point. this one yr of training has really been excellent and levelled me up ++. i have much more levelling up to do & looking forward to it. really want to be good at it whatever it is i do. guess i just pray for acceptance & grace to find what is it i'm meant to do, get into that & do it well. and if that requires superhuman amounts of effort and dedication coz that's something really hard to get into, then so be it. i think all things require a lot of effort and dedication if you really want to do it well actually. so either way. maybe i should start by learning handties for my impending labor ward call HAHA. 

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